Record of the Week — OOIOO

STOP SMILING presents the weekly mp3 blog, in which we showcase one new release each Tuesday, along with a track from the albumooioo_cover1 +++ This week’s record is Armonico Hewa by OOIOO (Thrill Jockey) +++ OOIOO is equal parts spasm and magic — the first record in three years from former Boredoms member Yoshimi and her three female counterparts exhibits their vast repertoire of sonic techniques that dazzle and delight; Armonico Hewa, the group’s sixth full-length, continues the group’s exploration of the simultaneous utterance, with layers of chants, rhythms and melodies falling like Tetris cubes into colorful synchronicity — it is a transcultural glimpse into the ecstatic future of pop +++ Audio – “O O I A H” by OOIOO. – Post by Nate Martin