Truffaut the Troublemaker

A piece by Terrence Rafferty in the Sunday New York Times celebrates Francois Truffaut. (Click here to read “A Troublemaker Who Led a Revolution“.) Truffaut, the “combative critic for the journal Cahiers du Cinema, in whose pages he regularly savaged the older, established French filmmakers … put his money where his big critical mouth had been” with his 1959 film The 400 Blows… In our 2005 Auteur Issue, the importance of Truffaut and the auteur theory, as sanctioned by the critics of Cahiers du Cinema, was discussed at length by a range of auteur authorities. Excerpts of interviews with Peter Bogdanovich and Molly Haskell and Andrew Sarris are available here, as well as Nathan Kosub’s 2005 essay “What Truffaut Meant By Love“.