Melville House Blogs a Book

blog_lydersenWashington Post reporter Kari Lydersen has eschewed her newspaper journalist role in an imaginative undertaking to tell the story of the workers who occupied Chicago’s Republic Windows & Doors factory in a way that befits an age when online reportage is often too light and quick, yet a story cannot sit idle for long before it’s forgotten — Lydersen has partnered with Melville House Publishing to approach the story from two sides: with a book about the worker’s actions that will be scrambled into print by early next year, the creation of which readers will be able to witness via a blog on the Melville House website. In a Publisher’s Weekly article, MH publisher Dennis Johnson said the blog posts were akin to a first draft of the book, and without them the rushed process to release the book, tentatively titled Revolt on Goose Island, would have been both “too fast and too slow.”