Voter Irregularities the New Regular

While the record turnout for early voting is an encouraging sign of a healthy democracy, endless allegations of voter fraud and suppression are stirring anxiety: the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on the 666,000 (yes, that is the number) new or revised voter registrations in Ohio that the GOP claims are fraudulent; the New York Times opines on the dangers of voter purges and urges early voting because “any voter who finds that their name has disappeared from the rolls will then have time to challenge mistakes”; the Las Vegas Sun comments on the election fatigue in the battleground state of Nevada, where many voters “see the voting booth as an escape hatch from the ever-present election”; and for a blast from the past, take a look at this Floridian who has collected so many of the flawed voting machines from the 2000 election that he still finds chads in his cat’s fur. More political catnip.