A Definite Loss of Appetite

Perhaps it’s time to reconsider a second helping. After swallowing a six-month-old deer whole, this python was sufficiently stuffed; commuters in Illinois might have had their fill of Oreos after witnessing a trailer loaded with 14 tons of them overturn on an interstate highway; Salon reports that watching Indiana Jones might make you fat; curious McDonald’s customers might want to take note, as the Times did, that the company’s new Southern Style Chicken Sandwich is a direct theft of the sandwich regularly served at Chick-fil-A, a restaurant chain in Atlanta; and the “Annals of Drinking” column in The New Yorker offers some strong advice about skipping that second bottle of wine. “Through the lens of alcohol, the world seems nice,” writes Joan Acocella. However, “the body, to break down the alcohol, is releasing chemicals that may be more toxic than alcohol itself; these would result in nausea and other symptoms.” For tips on the ultimate hangover remedy, read the article.