Q65 – Get Out of My Life, Woman

Who knew that mid ’60’s Dutch rockers could be so funky? With Albert King, Lee Dorsey, Solomon Burke and Allen Touissant (among others) all claiming highly respectable versions of this song, this one might be my favorite. The wicked drum break at the beginning, the saxophone sqounk, the dirty swagger where there once was a bluesy crunch, they’re all elements of a what a good cover should be: the track should find a new twist without sacrificing the intention or integrity of the original. Where many other versions of this song seem like a plea, there’s almost a venemous undertone to this one, more of a warning than a lament. Whereas their Krautrock conterparts of the day were pulsing their own beat (formed largely by Klaus Dinger, who, sadly, recently passed away, R.I.P.), this Dutch quintet claimed Sam & Dave and Willie Dixon as their benchmarks, and did as good of a job as any American contemporaries of theirs at injecting their brand of rock with just a little more soul.

Audio — Q65 – Get Out of My Life, Woman

– Post by Ben Fasman