Hemingway & Fitzgerald Revisited

In case you missed it: This past weekend, the NY Times Sunday edition featured articles about two of America’s most-cherished literary rivals: Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Charles McGrath, in the Arts & Leisure section, wrote about a recently discovered (and since unpublished) letter written by Hemingway about his time at the Hotel Florida in Madrid covering the Spanish Civil War, an experience that inspired his second play, The Fifth Column. The off-Broadway Mint Theatre Company in Manhattan is set to present an adaptation of the play (which was written in 1937) beginning on February 26th. Meanwhile, author Paul Greenberg, a member of the Writer’s Guild of America, East, in the back-page essay of the Book Review section, summed up the settlement made between the Writer’s Guild and the big studios, using F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last serial story-cycle character, Pat Hobby (“a scenarist from the old silent days, [who] tries to survive the new rules of the talkie era”) to illustrate the fear factor of future Hollywood story development.