Turn the Music Down and My Mic Up

A cappella projects, which were once tucked away safely in the “no-way-is-that-acceptable-or-enjoyable” corner of my mind, have been making me turn my head lately. Dokaka and his multi-tracked a cappella metal covers are nothing short of amazing. And while the thought of listening to a “glee club” sing covers of punk songs sounds like a torture that enemy forces could use on me to get me to spill my beans in an interrogation, I have to admit that The Blue Ribbon Glee Club are pretty fun.

Two more tidbits of a cappella fun from the stars:

Diamond David Lee Roth‘s a cappella from “Runnin With the Devil“, off Van Halen’s 1978 self-titled debut (via Chunklet)

Mr. “I Am my own drug!” himself, Lil Wayne, stupefies us once again on “Dr Carter