Record of the Week — LIGHTNING BOLT

STOP SMILING presents the weekly mp3 blog, in which we showcase one new release each Tuesday, along with a track from the albumlightningboltcover +++ This week’s record is Earthly Delights by Lightning Bolt (Load Records) +++ Earthly Delights is the first record from Lightning Bolt since 2005’s Hypermagic Mountain, and while the latter seemed to have lost a bit of the skull-splintering luster we’d come to expect from the creators of Wonderful Rainbow and Ride the Skies, the new album finds the bass-and-drum-destroying duo as exciting as ever, abiding by less spastic, maturer song structures — albeit with all the sweat and noise still at the forefront — affirming their place in contemporary music as the favorite straight-up rock band of Black Dice fans everywhere
+++ Audio – “Colossus” by Lightning Bolt. – Post by Nathan Martin