Wage-Earners Beware

blog_cashierA roundup of articles today looks at the potential foes one might face while working for a wage in the United States: First, a jaw-dropping new study shows that if you’re a low-wage worker, you’d do well to watch out for your employer — a whopping 68 percent of those interviewed reported at least one pay-related violation in the previous week; if you’re working in the American South, a new book advises that the media is against you, as it has historically acted as a mouthpiece for racist politicians who bash unions, civil rights and communism all in one fell drawl; surely by now you have guessed that Whole Foods CEO John Mackey might not be the best friend to his “team member” employees seeking health benefits from a program riddled with hidden system charges; finally, an Irish Bostonian comes forth to argue that Ted Kennedy was not the friend to the working man that his glowing obits make him seem.