How 10,000 New Yorkers Found the Bard

blog-mccourtThough the Irish-American writer Frank McCourt, who passed away this week at 78, is of course being remembered as the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of such works as Angela’s Ashes, he’s also being celebrated as an inspirational teacher by scores of everyday New Yorkers who passed through his high school classroom during the 30 years he taught English and creative writing in the New York City school system: The letters-to-the-editor sections of the New York Times (read here) and New York Daily News (read here) were filled with fond reflections of McCourt, including one Brooklyn resident who recalled asking McCourt about his proudest achievement, to which he replied, “I figure I’ve taught some 10,000 New York City kids over the years; I like to think when I gave them Shakespeare, they got Shakespeare.” McCourt’s ashes, upon his final request, will be scattered in Ireland.