Take ’em to Church

blog_churchWhile studies continue to find that fewer Americans — especially young ones — consider religion an important part of their lives, churches across the country are adapting in occasionally bizarre ways in order to maintain their followings: A pastor in Kentucky last weekend invited his congregation to bring their unloaded firearms to his service in order to “send a message that there are legal, civil, intelligent and law-abiding citizens who also own guns” (who’s clinging to guns and religion now?); a news service in central Florida provides an update on a “faith-based skate park” where tattooed preachers tend their kickflipping flocks between shred sessions; the Anglican Church in North America — a conservative splinter group with tens of thousands of members that broke from the Episcopalian Church over the latter’s acceptance of gay clergy — held its first formal assembly in a Dallas suburb last week; and Triple Canopy provides us with a history of one of the modern age’s most mind-boggling religious contrivances: the Mega-Church.