Fight State Mottos Like You Mean It

blog_coyneLast week, New York Times columnist Gail Collins devoted a column to the awkward flap surrounding Wisconsinites’ displeasure with their state’s new slogan, “Live Life Like You Mean It” (which, Collins points out, was so unoriginal that it was once the catchphrase for a Bacardi Rum campaign); now comes news that Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, pictured here, is fighting back against the “small-minded religious wackos” who have prevented his song “Do You Realize” from becoming the official state song of his band’s homestate of Oklahoma (click here to read more from AP); and for more on Flaming Lips, be sure to check out Jim DeRogatis‘ definitive piece on the formation of the band, published in 2005 by STOP SMILING.