The Second Pass

picture-2One negative effect of the split-second, hyperactive stream of content spewed forth by the Internet is the near-immediate rate with which one bit of information replaces the next, creating an innate element of forgetting; a new book review site, The Second Pass, launched by frequent STOP SMILING contributor John Williams, battles against this effect by not only reviewing books that are new and hot, but also revisiting older obscure and out-of-print books that are both completely relevant to contemporary literate discourse and much easier to acquire via online search tools than they once were; along with reviews of classic-but-oft-forgotten books like Eve’s Hollywood and Michael Herr’s Dispatches (as well as of new books), The Second Pass features a very smart book blog and an edited section of book suggestions from readers; the site is an example of how innovative bookworms can use the Web to counterbalance all those vanishing newspaper book sections in a way that might even improve upon the dying breed’s model.