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Dropping the Bomb: DC GO-GO (Slideshow)

Go-Go music is the rhythm of DC. The conga-heavy, post-funk genre has rocked three generations of music listeners. Dozens of bands still rock live venues with nightly extended jams while the “in the pocket” beats pour onto the streets from open car windows. But the style remains largely unknown outside of the 495 Beltway. Sure, traces of go-go DNA are found in more recent pop hits like Beyoncé’s “Crazy In Love” and a small spattering of singles — Trouble Funk’s “Drop the Bomb,” EU’s “Da Butt”— saw national burn back in the Eighties. But those records are mere facsimiles. The true legacy of go-go music lies in largely underdocumented live bootlegs and a sparse selection of officially sanctioned recordings. Here are just a few of those legit classics.

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Photography by V/A

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